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Architectural Glass Enamel Paste
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Besoravine Paste Technology (Zhong Shan) Co., Ltd.
Address:Block C6B, No. 238 Jiefu Road,
Jieyuan Village, Minzhong Town,
Zhongshan City, Guangdong Pronvince, P.R. China
Office: +86-760-89926282
Fax: +86-760-89926282
E-Mail: info@besoravine.com
Website: www.100pcoton.com
Company Introduction

        Besoravine Paste Technology (Zhong Shan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Besoravine) is a professional paste enterprise specialised in the production and application of enamel/conductive paste. We are highly capable of autonomous research and development aiming at providing solutions and technical support to the paste application market in various fields. We are a mature supplier of enamel paste for automotive glass, architectural glass (including the types of high-temperature color, metal crystal color, frosting and etc.), home furniture/appliance glass, conductive silver plate and so on. Besoravine is located in the beautiful fertile Zhong Shan City of the Pearl River Delta. The factory site is situated in the Jieyuan Industrial Zone of Minzhong town, north to Guangzhou, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, a superior geographical position with well developed transportation network.
        Our Besoravine R & D team are equipped with profound technology application, research and development capabilities, We have had many years of rich experience in the field, and maintained close communication and cooperation with automotive glass manufacturers and technical authorities both domestic and overseas.With the enhancement of environmental protection requirements in the recent years, a lot of time and effort has been poured into the development of new technologies, such as the development of enamel powder and its varnish formulation, and we have already made a major breakthrough in the development of environmental-friendly glass enamel paste and conductive paste. Odorless with high efficiency in screen cleaning, low cleaning cost, this environmental-friendly paste is met positively and warmly welcomed by our customers, and has been continuously promoted in the market.
        In the spirit of "Quality first, customer first", Besoravine aims to standardize the operation standards, strictly control the manufacturing process and testing method of advanced raw materials and finished product, as to ensure 100% qualification rate on  products manufactured. Our products possess high opacity, high resistance to acid & alkali, high impact resistance and other excellent features, With outstanding quality and exceptional sales and after sale service, We are highly praised by our customers.
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Address:Block C6B, No. 238 Jieyfu Road, Jieyuan Village, Minzhong Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Pronvince, P.R. China
Office:+86-760-89926282 Fax:+86-760-89926282
E-Mail:info@besoravine.com Design by:Come Design
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